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  • A repairman looks at a trailer for inspection.
  • Dave McCauley inspects underneath a car for an inspection
  • A man inspects a lifted car for state inspection
  • A repairman inspecting a car
  • Underneath view of a truck's exhaust system
  • A Caterpillar backhow on a tow hitch


In the state of Pennsylvania, your vehicle must be inspected and, in some counties, have an emissions test performed annually.  Dave McCauley Automotive is a state authorized inspection and emissions testing center.  This procedure includes checking your brakes, tires, steering and suspension, exhaust system, lights, and electrical system.  If any work is required for your vehicle to pass inspection, an estimate of charges will be issued prior to any repairs.

How to complete your annual inspection?

Schedule an inspection online or over the phone then bring your vehicle to our facility along with your current registration and vehicle insurance card.


  • State Inspections and Emissions – Passenger $72.00*
  • State Inspection and Emissions Exemption – Passenger $51.00*
  • State Inspection – 3/4-1 Ton $42.50*
  • Emissions Tailpipe Test – 3/4-1 Ton $80.00*
  • State Inspection – Heavy Truck $68.00*
  • State Inspection – Trailer $52.00*
  • State Inspection – Motorcycle $41.95*
*plus applicable taxes