A tire changing machine removing the rim from a tire.



It never hurts to have your tires and rims checked.  There are enough potholes lurking about our city to throw wheels out of line.  That wobbling feeling may be coming from a bent rim.  Have one our mechanics check out wheels to make sure you are running smoothly.  You might just need a dented rim pounded out or just the right air pressure in all four tires.

It’s never too late to get those snow tires put on.  It may not seem urgent right now but you won’t be saying that when you are stuck at the bottom of your hill with all those groceries in the back.  Or even better yet, being able to stop going down the freshly covered driveway.  Having the right tires can make all the difference in the world.  Make sure you are ready.

It seems our city is always under construction, we find too often that our customers have run over a stray nail or screw and gotten a flat tire! That can put a damper in anyone’s day, not to mention putting them behind on their schedule. Whether it’s a nail, a screw, a leaky rim, or some other flat tire related issue, we’ve got you covered.


Tire rim




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